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C Consultancy Feedback



“It’s just more efficient to use FMBA than to miss out on bar program goals. It lets me handle the things I need to do well in a non-stressful way, so that I can focus on the creative stuff. All the bartender was professionally trained & more kind in nature.”

- Sky Bar


“After we got the sales figures loaded into Flair Mania Bartending Academy, we found out that we were not even keeping a week’s worth of inventory. All the crew were just amazing.”



“Flair Mania Bartending Academy is a very nice academy I’ve been trying to find for over a decade.”

- Kiva


“Flair Mania Bartending Academy certainly provided us with some valuable information. And there are definitely opportunities for us to capitalize on this information. We’re happy with the partnership.”

- FC Grill


“We can say One of the best academy in Asia.”

- Coconut Tree


“Unbelievable mixology and staff, they all have good behavior.”

- Deccan Harvest


“We very much happy with Flair Mania Bartending Academy.”

- Post 91


Bartending is a craft as old as history. It dates back to ancient times and can be found in Roman, Greek and even Asian societies. .

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