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G Glass Ware

Glass Ware

 Redwine white wine  Champagne tulip  Champagne Flute  
 Red Wine (8/10 OZ)  White Wine (6/8 OZ) Champagne tulip(7/10 OZ) Champagne Flute (7/10 OZ)
 champagne saucer  Old fashioned  high ball Tom Collins 
champagne saucer(10.6 OZ)ॉ Old fashioned (4/8 OZ) high ball (12 OZ) Tom Collins (10/16 OZ)
 Zombie  Hurricane  Martini  Margarita
Zombie (15/17 OZ)  Hurricane (15 OZ)  Martini (4/6 OZ) Margarita  (12 OZ) 
Irish coffee mug water goblet Sherry brandy balon
Irish coffee mug(8/10 OZ) water goblet(12 OZ) Sherry (2 OZ) brandy balon (5/25 OZ)
 Rolly poly shot  beer mug   Pilsner
Rolly poly (10/15) Shot (1/2 OZ) Beer Mug (16 OZ) Pilsner(12/20 OZ)


Bartending is a craft as old as history. It dates back to ancient times and can be found in Roman, Greek and even Asian societies. .

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