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B Bar Equipment


Hamilton Shaker Boston Shaker  StandardThree pice  ContinentalShaker
 Hamilton Shaker  Boston Shaker  Standard/Three Pice  Continental Shaker
 Hawthornstrainer  Angelswing  PegMeasure  Pourer
 Hawthorn strainer  Angels wing  Peg Measure  Pourer
 Muddler  Glassrimmer  GarnishCaddie  WineChiller
 Muddler  Glass rimmer  Garnish Caddie  Wine Chiller
 Icebucket  Measurer  Dashbottle  DraughtMachine
 Ice bucket  Measurer  Dash bottle  Draught Machine
GlassRack BottleWell Blender Zester
Glass Rack Bottle Well Blender Zester
WineCradle Vaccuin OpticMeasurer IceCrusher
Wine Cradle Vaccuin Optic Measurer Ice Crusher
Bar PepsiGun GlassWasher IceBin
Bar Pepsi Gun Glass Washer Ice Bin


Bartending is a craft as old as history. It dates back to ancient times and can be found in Roman, Greek and even Asian societies. .

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