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P Professionl Bartending Course

Professionl Bartending Course

     Duration: - 4 Month                             Timing:- 3 Hours in day                                Fees: - 30,000 + 18% GST



  • Introduction about Bartender & Bar history.
  • Bar operation. · Different types of Glassware & Equipment’s.
  • Classification of Beverage.
  • Duty and Responsibility of bartender.
  • Attitutes of bartenders.
  • Biology of Hangover.
  • What is alcohol & what is Fermentation & Distillation process.
  • Modern Methods of Mixing cocktails.
  • Spirits of the Worlds – Whisky, Gin, Tequila, Brandy, Wine, Vodka, Rum, Liqueurs, Aperitifs & Bitter, beer, (Introduction, History, Production, Types, Styles, Brands with country & Cocktails- tasting).
  • Brewing, Winery & distillery visit.
  • Licensing & FLR.
  • Selling techniques of product.
  • Styles & Presentation.
  • Introducing about Modern Molecular mixology.
  • Learn more than 60 classic cocktails.
  • Two month training in 5 star / 4 star hotels in a weekend.


  • Personalized flair trainer (15 Hours) with Flair kit.
  • Basic of Flair bartender - shaker Moves -bottle Moves (stall, rolls, bumps, Flips, grips).
  • Free Accurate 30-60-90 ml Pouring.
  • Pouring style- (slide pouring, up-down right,left,front pouring , cuts & much more).
  • Work flair, fire flair, Exhibition flair with sequence.
  • 3 Flair sequence with filled bottle.
  • 3 bottle flair, 2 shaker 1 bottle moves.
  • Flair with ice, glassware, tissues, other equipment’s bar tricks and Magic.



  • Personalized counter for each student
  • Classification of beverages
  • Methodology of combining and mixing drinks
  • Lisesing and Inventories
  • Menu Engineering
  • Cigar and cigarettes
  • Flavour profiling and Flavour Paring
  • Cellar Management - The cellar, Cellar products, Refrigeration - Storage temperatures,
  • Styles of cocktails - Tom collins ,Frapee, Rocks, Frozen, Shots, Daisy, Fizz, Smashes etc.
  • Wines - Definitions, Production, Classifications, Wine Producing Countries, Wine Laws, Labeling, Service.
  • Modern trends of bartending
  • Introduction to Molecular mixology


Mixology is an opportunity for talented bartenders or past and present FMBA students to introduce themselves to the fascinating world of mixology. You will learn about the origins of bartending, remarkable modern day products, techniques and cocktail recipes used by bartenders today. After your course, you will have a brand new outlook on the craft and will be able to wow your customers with your knowledge and skills.

Once you are FMBA certified the opportunities for you are endle

Learn about the history of the bartender, how the industry and the crafts-men have been changing and developing the profession over the years. In addition, you will discover the importance of ingredients, techniques and equipment in making quality cocktails


Flair Bartending was designed to allow students to practice their tricks in a real life bar environment, as they say, practice makes perfect. Flair is showmanship added to bartending that enhances the overall guest experience.

We have best flair trainer in FMBA who tech you from basic. We start with can or bottles, once our student done with basic moves then we take them to the next level, we train our student for flair competition. We teach them how to make cocktails while doing flair behind the bar. We train you

1) Work flair 2) Fire flair 3) Exhibition flair

Pouring Knowledge

Professional bartenders free pour measured amounts of liquor when making mixed drinks and dispensing shots. It is entertaining to watch people free pour liquor. Plus, it's faster and more efficient than (though not always as accurate as) other methods. Anyone with decent coordination can learn to free pour with a little practice. So if you want to impress your friends and be the life of the party,

We teach them to standard “four count” to free-pour — a count of . . . 1 – 2 – 3 – 4. The “four count” is preferred because it breaks down so easily — “1” equals a quarter shot, “2” equals a half shot, on up to a full “4” count — which is the house pour, or one full shot.


Spirit, Wine & cocktails knowledge and tasting

Why Wine tasting is important?

Acquiring knowledge about wine is useful. The pleasure of having some knowledge about, as well as the pleasure of drinking, a good wine is something to enjoy. When you are drinking, its nice to know what varieties of grape went into the wine, when and where it came from, what process went into the making of that particular wine and, indeed, who made it? If you have some knowledge about the wine while drinking it, it might well add to your understanding and appreciation of what is in your glass. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn the type of wine you are drinking, where it was made, and its vintage Why spirit & cocktails tasting is importance?


We want you to believe in your own palate; indeed, we may be more confident in your tasting ability than you are. We’re not delusional (not in that way), but you’ve been tasting your entire 0life and you know what tastes good to you. If you think you’re not so good at tasting cocktails or spirit maybe it’s because you’ve been listening to the wrong people.



We understand the Hard Work, Spirit and Soul that our instructors have and continue to put into FMBA, for this reason we hold them in the highest regard.

The Instructor Academy teaches you how to become an all rounded bartender with a set of very desirable credentials and also teaches you how to pass these skills on to future students. You will learn about the origins of bartending and mixology; and how they spread to the rest of the world. You will learn about an event that changed the profession, the prohibition era. You’ll learn classic cocktail recipes that have stood the test of time, the importance of ice and how to carve it and modern mixology methods which are set to create future classic cocktails.


The benefits of being an FMBA instructor are endless. You won’t find many other jobs in which you have the opportunity to work around the world meet new and like-minded people on a daily basis and have the ultimate job satisfaction of watching your students succeed.


Training & Earn while learning program

"You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset." It’s true. Many people with bar jobs didn’t have any experience or formal bartending lessons at all. Some places hire & promote from within. Some places want to be fresh and open to their special way of doing things. But...
If you don’t have at least foundation knowledge of bartending, you usually won’t get hired.
The more training/knowledge you have will increase your odds of getting a bar job quicker and succeeding at a much higher level.

Some people think any kind of training makes you look weak or not smart enough to learn on your own. It’s an ego thing. I think it’s just the opposite. The smartest & most successful people & teams in the world know that constant & continual learning & coaching from other people who have succeeded will bring you much more success and faster.

Having said that, it depends on who you ask and the attitude & confidence or OVER confidence that you take with you after whatever training you’ve done.

So FMBA set a training program for FMBA student, we have tied up with Five star, four star hotel, clubs, lounge, resorts, restaurants & bar where we train our student professionally because they will have practically knowledge about bar, spirits, products and costumer.

For FMBA students we have set Earn while Learning program, while learning you can do free lancing with us and we will pay for its so can earn money also for you are pocket money

Those who students looking for party time job so we will definitely help you for part time job,

We working for…..

Extra Skills Covered

Intensive World of Bartending

Basic bar areas/systems

Preparation of common & new drinks
Cash handling/financial transactions

Workplace hygiene
Responsible service of alcohol
Liquor Licensing Laws & FLR FORM

Biology of Hangover

Introducing of molecular mixology

Principal of management system

Style & presentation


Practice makes perfect!

Our hands on practical courses are designed to develop proficient and competent cocktail bartenders. Working behind a fully equipped bar with 4 stations, students learn how to prepare shaken, blended, stirred and strained and frozen cocktails simultaneously in the correct manner and with charisma.

Free-pouring and working flair techniques are incorporated during practice on a daily basis throughout the course and are fundamental aspects to its completion.


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Bartending is a craft as old as history. It dates back to ancient times and can be found in Roman, Greek and even Asian societies. .

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