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H Hobby Course

Hobby / Crash course

Duration: - One week                                Timing:- 3 Hours in day                                 Fees: - 5,000 + 18% GST

You will learn in master class of mixology

  • Information about bar and bar history.
  •  Information about bar set & bar equipment
  •  Method of making cocktails.
  •  Type of glass and use
  •  Knowledge about home mad syrup.
  •  Classification of beverage.
  •  How make different types of cocktails garnishes
  •  Knowledge about spirit & wine
  •  Make world’s best classic cocktails
  •  World of spirit and wine knowledge
  •  One day Visit bar & lounge

You will learn in Flairing class:-

Personalized flair trainer and bar equipment / safety and 
Basic of Flair bartender - shaker moves bottle moves(stall , rolls, bumps, Flips, grips)
Different style of Pouring , moves with one bottle with one can,Bar tricks and Magic.

  •  Learn flairing – work flair, fire flair, exhibition ( if you want learn more flair, we will train you for month no extra fee for flairing classes)


Bartending is a craft as old as history. It dates back to ancient times and can be found in Roman, Greek and even Asian societies. .

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